Mattel keeps Barbie for President campaign alive after election

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barbie-250-stroke writes about Mattel’s innovative media campaign: Barbie for President. In addition to clever ideas pre-election; Mattel was able to keep the campaign alive and relevant post-election.

One of the most interesting takeaways from Mattel’s social media managers is the use of Tumblr for a quick, low-lift, microsite or landing page to show off the campaign’s content.

Political campaigns take note: Tumblr  has a dedicated following and is filled with  great templates. Most of all, it’s simple and easy to use and landing pages can be edited to match your regular website.

From the article by Andy Sernovitz:

Find ways to stay relevant even after one-off campaigns. Harding and Kimiabakhsh decided to use Tumblr as the hub for all of Barbie’s presidential material, instead of building a microsite, so they could easily transition their content. They saw this as a great opportunity for earning followers and keeping their attention.

Don’t put all of your eggs in all of your baskets. While it’s important to be consistent, posting all of your content on every social media site isn’t necessary. They explained how knowing the strength of each platform was key to making more meaningful interactions and not spamming fans.

Partner with great causes. To make Barbie’s run for the presidency more meaningful for fans of all ages, Mattel sponsored the White House Project’s EPIC Awards and promoted Take a Girl to the Polls Day.

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