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An easy way to track social media KPIs (including template)

Track and record your monthly social media metrics. “Track” by Dean Hochman is licensed und CC by 2.0.

You have a great social media management tool and are starting to track results. Great. Now, how do you take those metrics and use them to your advantage?

You could invest in an expensive enterprise tool (which can do some amazing tricks) or, pull out a trusty Excel spreadsheet and get to measuring.

Once you start measuring, you can keep this sheet, update it monthly (or more frequently if you like) and compare your results — saving all the data in one easy place.

Sure, you can get more insights at the snap of a finger with fancy tools, but with a little attention and regular updates, you can have the same thing for a fraction of the cost.

What to track:

Still wondering where to start? Check out my handy-dandy template for tracking month-to-month metrics. It includes conditional formatting on the totals that give you a quick view on goals.

Use the template? Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions!

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